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Halogen Creative are packaging design specialists based in the Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham. We design everything from foil wraps to box cartons, setting a fixed-price for all packaging design projects, which ensures that you know exactly what you are paying for and that there are no hidden costs.


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Concept Design
3D Visuals & Mock-ups
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Halogen’s expert packaging designers can take existing, tired-looking packaging and give it a fresh new look that will appeal to a market of your choosing. We let our experienced marketing team into the planning stages of the packaging designs, ensuring that our designers produce an effective, relevant design for your target market. Packaging design is about shelf presence and gentle persuasion—and sometimes slightly more than gentle persuasion… If you are in need a new brand, we will get the branding right for your packaging. The ultimate goal, is to convince your target customers to buy your product. It’s the final step of any product-based marketing strategy.

Packaging Services


Using industry-standard equipment, we create high-quality photography—which is often a prerequisite for effective packaging. As we do our photography in-house, we have an extremely fast turnaround, and can charge extremely competitive prices. We can shoot large quantities of items in one go, which is very useful for product ranges with many similar products that need to be shot under the same lighting conditions. The consistency and quality of your packaging makes a massive difference to your sales, and our attention to the smallest details is part of what makes us the best at what we do.

Packaging redesign

With a lot of design work there can be a time limit as fashions and trends change and a pack can start to look dated after a few years. We can very easily create a fresh new look to your packaging without losing the essence of the brand and style. We always retain a brand’s image and just fine tune typefaces or photography to bring a ‘tired’ looking pack right up to date.

Of course if you need a total new design for your packaging we’d be delighted to look at all new concepts and ideas to give your packaging a fantastic new look and great shelf presence.

Packaging concept design

We are designers so we love the chance to come up with ideas and concepts to give old packaging or brand new products that stylish look that is going to make them really distinctive and stand out from their competitors. We create several eye catching concepts that will look fantastic on shelf to give your products the best chance of being chosen. Once you have chosen your new design we can easily apply the new style across a range of products to give a really strong brand presence.

Product repositioning

Every business needs to attain profit and growth, by either selling its existing products in the market or by changing to meet the needs of target consumers. To do this products need correct positioning in the market to create an image and identity in the minds of their target consume. For this, we have to understand the consumers’s needs and requirement. Thus, positioning has paramount importance in marketing a product. Even the most successful product has to fit with the changing needs of its target consumers as well as with its competitors. Repositioning can be defined as bringing about the desired change in the product thereby giving a new identity to the product so that the target customers are motivated to select the product. It is relevant for occasional face lifting of the existing products and is not always subjected to bringing about the entire change in the product but its about bringing few required changes which provides clarity and thus strengthen the product identity.

Range extensions

We will take your existing product range and, with the utmost care and respect for the existing brand and style, create additional products that fit perfectly in that range but still have a distinctive look and feel of their own. This is quite easily achieved with colour and photography and is quite painless.

3d visuals

We can create a visual image of your product that you can take to potential buyers to give them a good idea of what it will look like when supplied. This is perfect for pitching your new products to retailers as it is quite cheap to produce and is very easy to send or take to your buyers. It can look three dimensional to give a real 3D feel.

Mock ups

We can provide physical mock-ups of your wrappers or cartons, so you can take the actual artwork for a product to leave with a buyer if that is required. This will be as near to the actual product as you can get without having them coming off the production line.


We create final artwork for all packaging to the highest, and most meticulous standard. Packaging artwork has got to be right to avoid expensive changes once it is on the production line. We follow the cutter guides perfectly for every product, so that the design is perfectly transformed from visual to actual pack. We go through several stages so that any errors or changes can be corrected or made before final sign off.

Supplier sourcing

We can source all packaging suppliers for whatever your product packaging needs. We have many contacts for cartons, wrappers and containers so whatever you need we have someone who can supply it.

Bar codes

We have barcode generation software which will create your barcode for you or we can get them sourced if that is what you prefer. Either way we have all the necessary barcode generation facilities.

Cutter guides

Ah yes the treasured and complex cutter guide. Packaging simply can’t exist without one so as you’d expect we are experts with them. We create cutter guides for your packaging if you don’t have one, and we also work very closely with printers who are supplying them for clients. Artwork has to be created exactly to the cutter guide for every single product, so it pretty much rules the design when it comes to packaging.

Print management

Once we have created the artwork and it is approved, it is ready to go to print. The print process can be a mine field, as it involves technical know-how and it can scare a lot of people who are not familiar with the many print processes. We work with many printers and so have all the knowledge and experience to manage this part of the process. Whether you have your own printer or need us to source one we will work closely with them until completion of the project, ensuring there is no glitch and everything runs smoothly.