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We are branding specialists

Halogen Creative provide expert logo design and company branding services. We create brands that customers buy into and feel part of. We create a company brand that lets you get your ethos and company culture across to your customers, ensuring that your brand appeals to your target market. As such, our logo and branding service marries perfectly with our marketing service. Our logo design and branding works because it sends a clear message to your customers; the message communicates who you are as a business, what you represent and why they should be part of your company. We think. We create. We present. We build.

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We are branding specialists

We make businesses better with strategic logo design and intelligent branding. We have many years’ experience developing brands for businesses. We don’t stop until you’re happy that your brand is perfect. We build your business by applying a brand solution that strengthens your market position.

We have worked with many large businesses that have lost their way—who desperately needed to refresh and renew their company brand. This can be a simple refresh of an existing brand or a full revamp. We tailor our service to your needs.

The power of brands

Brands are everywhere and we are all consumers. But just how much do we think about what we buy and why? Do we actually think about the importance of a brand or logo? Just how much do logos, logotypes, typefaces and icons really affect us?

No matter who you are, we are all influenced by brands. They are advertised and marketed all day every day and they’re impossible to avoid. From Apple to Skoda, we see a brand and we have an opinion about it. Some we love and some we hate. The logos may be made up of simple characters and letterforms with the occasional graphic, but they have so much power over our buying decisions.

Your Logo

When considering the design of your logo, remember the importance of corporate image. Deciding the name should be a well thought out process to ensure its appeals to your target market.

Your Name

All branding begins with the company’s name. Consumers remember simple names much more easily than complicated ones. Consumers like products to which they can associate positive qualities. So ensuring your brand’s name is immediately positive is also a solid tactic.

Brand Loyalty

The objective of any brand is to attract people to buy into them. This means attracting them in the first place and then retaining them with great service and products. This builds up a brand as a quality product and something which they are proud to show they buy. We don’t all walk around showing off Skoda logos, but we are all happy to show off our Apple logo.

If you sell products bought on impulse, a customer recognising your brand could mean the difference between them buying or not. Even if the customer was not aware that you sell a particular product, if they trust your brand, they are likely to trust you with unfamiliar products. If a customer is happy with your products or services, a brand helps to build customer loyalty across your business.