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Successful advertising campaigns begin with a strong collaboration between client and designer. We make sure that we understand your businesses and your target market, and use our know-how to bring your advertising to life.

We believe that advertising must have impact, and that it must be simple in order to get the message across. These are the advertising principles we work by, and our customers have been very impressed with the results. Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive; our creatives will give you outstanding designs and concepts that are designed to give you as much return on investment as possible. Our advertising service can be paired with our marketing service for the ultimate ROI-focused combination.


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Advertising, whether press or online, is complex and ever-changing. New ideas and media are being devised all the time as the advertising industry switches emphasis from media to media. As new technologies and lifestyle trends develop, so do advertising and promotional methods. Here at Halogen Creative, we work out which media is the most suitable, most effective and most cost-effective for you.

As an advertising agency, Halogen know how to engage and connect with various markets. We create advertising campaigns for all business sizes and for any budget. If you want a one-off press ad for a new launch, we will create the right ad for you. If you’re looking for a series of ads or a full marketing campaign, we can organise that for you also.

Think benefits

There is a saying in advertising ‘Sell the sizzle not the steak’. People buy things for their benefit. We buy a kettle because we want a hot drink, not because we need a kettle sitting on our kitchen worktop, so the key is to sell the benefit of a hot drink first.

Keep it simple

Suppliers tend to write copy from a technical and ‘product/service’ standpoint. Remember that customers are people without good technical or detailed understanding of your products and services. You need to help them understand things in terms that really mean something to them – as it relates to their needs and priorities and challenges. You should spell things out. Use clear, simple language. The mark of truly effective advertising and marketing is the ability to convey complex issues to the audience in a manner that is interesting, relevant, meaningful, and easy to digest. In the words of Thomas Jefferson: “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do”.