Think of us as your own in-house marketing team. It’s like we’re in the next office. Our clients love how flexible we are and how easy we are to work with. You will too. It gives them the security and peace of mind they need and they love being able to call us at any time to discuss a problem. And we do mean anytime! We offer an unrivalled service of flexible availability.

marketing strategy

We develop the right strategy for each company we work with. Everyone is different, but the principles are the same: get your products and services to your market. We discuss your needs and research your business and your competitors. We look at what you have been doing and what you need to do to get where you want to be. This is intelligent, research-led marketing, and no one does it better! We design your own unique marketing suite for your products and services. They work because they have a strategy behind them and they communicate with your market. They deliver your key messages and they sell your business.

body painting of halogen logo

getting creative

Creativity works best when harnessed by a strong and well-researched strategy. We want your customers and potential customers to notice you. In order to do that, we need to research and analyse what they like and what they have seen. If someone has only ever seen a black cow, they are going to take notice when a red one comes along. This is simple attention grabbing. Couple this with a strong marketing message that fits with your brand ethos and we have an effective marketing campaign. The key is choosing the right creative and the right message to get the right response from your target market. We may challenge you and your ideas. We may dispute what you have done and what you need to do. Rest assured this will be an easy process. If you have a problem with your marketing then this is exactly what you need - guidance.

consumers are looking for new experiences

They are tired of traditional marketing techniques and expect to see more. They are in a new digital world with all that has to offer and they have higher expectation of what appeals to them. This brings new challenges to the marketing mix and we have to be aware of what appeals to them and what doesn't. We research this and we make sure we deliver a consumer experience that appeals to them and they buy into. We do this by combining all aspects of marketing: branding, advertising and digital, we create a holistic marketing mix that embraces all the power each activity has.

digital marketing

We are living in a digital world providing a whole host of new marketing opportunities. We embrace them and utilise them fully with our clients. We are experts at creating relevant and engaging copy that works for consumers and businesses alike.

If you wish you can cherry pick which service you need. We can manage your social media applications for you or we can assist you in getting the most out of them yourself. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or email marketing we make it work for you.

frogs trying to get to top

search engine optimisation (seo)

SEO is the practice of promoting the visibility of a website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for example. Whilst many SEO companies think getting to the top is enough, we don't. For us it goes much further, it's about strategy and targeting your market through intelligently choosing the right keywords. It's about optimising your conversion rate and writing compelling copy designed exclusively for your target audience. That's when it really makes a difference to be at the top of Google.

If SEO is done properly it will lead to an increase in good quality traffic to your website, which in turn leads to enquiries and sales.

Despite common misconception SEO isn't something that can be achieved overnight by making a few simple changes. It needs specialist knowledge, work and the just the right combination of factors. We start by carefully researching keywords and search terms that your customers will actually use to find you. This is followed by a full technical report of your website checking everything from hyperlink errors to duplicate content and page load times. This detail and effort is pushed throughout your campaign from building links to crafting articles for your blog.

We can provide SEO as a standalone service or as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

getting your content marketing right

Google is a wonderful thing, but it has made us all into ‘Two-click Tommy's'. We all want things so much faster and have very little patience for browsing or reading. It is vital that your copy is punchy and easily readable. We make sure every word counts. We get your message across quickly so the consumer understands what they are looking at and has no need to go elsewhere. This is done with strong messages and simple points of importance.

social media marketing

This covers the full suite of social media applications: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and even Linked In. This is a fast growing sector and an integral part of the overall marketing mix. Businesses now have customers on a variety of social media if not all of it. This gives great opportunity for engaging and interacting with these customers. We will research your business and its objectives and formulate a compelling marketing strategy that will engage and interest your social media customers. They will want to listen and to know more about your business and they will offer valuable feedback to you via the marketing activities we will create for them.

direct marketing

Direct marketing can involve email or direct mail. We put together the perfect combination of each to get the optimum results for our clients. Email marketing is ideal for getting a quick response and providing instant feedback on readership and click through. We will build a database of customers and develop this into a positive response management system. This will allow us to specifically target future markets depending on message and offer. It gives us invaluable audience information which clients need to grow their customer database. We create eye catching mailings which appeal directly to target markets and get results through market driven design.

We work with you to build the right approach both online and offline. We don't just provide a digital presence, we build a presence with your consumers. We give your brand the reach it needs and this builds strength in your market place.

We specialise in Digital Facebook Apps that engage your followers and provide important consumer feedback while growing your customer database.

email marketing

This is naturally a very easy and cost effective way to contact your customers. It can be used to great effect if done correctly. We will ensure this happens and, using clean database resources, that your customers are given relative and targeted information about your business and your products. We write concise and punchy copy which quickly engages customers and develops brand relationships with them.