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At Halogen Creative we are experts in trademark registration. It can be a tricky process, but it is absolutely necessary for every business. We are pleased that our experience with trademark registration means that this process is as easy and stress free as possible for our clients.

Just as it’s important to create your logos, typefaces and designs, it is important to protect them. Should anyone else use something similar, or perhaps even identical, your brand will be weakened and the success of your business may suffer. This is why trademark registration is so important.

We work with clients to register their trademark as a copyrighted mark with the Intellectual Property office. This is the only way to fully protect your brand and have the legal authority to stop anyone else from using it or using something similar.

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The process can be daunting, as there are many classifications and options to understand in order to complete the application. Halogen Creative will make sure you are covered for as many trademark registration services and goods as possible for your business.

The process is reasonably straight forward, but only if your brand or mark is unique and distinct. If your brand has these features, then registering its trademark will not be a problem.

You can register your business name and the graphic content together. We will advise you as to whether your trademark is distinctive enough when compared to others already registered. If it isn’t, we can develop it so that it is using our logo and branding service. We have a team of designers who specialise in graphic design, so this can be very easily done.

The registration of your brand normally takes three months. We work closely with the Intellectual property office to ensure the process is smooth. The main point of registering your brand is to get protection from anyone else who may damage your sales by using a similar brand, so it is very important to get the classifications exactly right. This can be confusing, but we will get to know your business and its sectors to ensure you have full IP protection.

There are a variety of options that apply across the brands you want to register. Some businesses have a group brand as well as several sub brands. You may want to register them all, and this can be achieved by applying for a series of trademarks together. Again, we will advise you on this.

Where you register your brand is also important and it is reliant on a few things, such as where are you trading, and whether you supplying to Europe or to the US. Another influencing factor is whether or not you need global protection.

Where you register your brand is also important. Where are you trading? Are you supplying to Europe or the US. Do you need global protection?

If you register your mark in the UK only this will not cover you in the US. This needs serious consideration if you are planning on trading across several countries. It is normally best to register your trademark in one country first. This then offers an easier process when going through the process in other countries as your mark has already been through one process before. You can, of course, go for as many countries as you need immediately, this is up to you, but it can be quite daunting attacking many at the same time.

If you are already using your brand as a trademark you may use TM on it. Please be aware it is illegal to use the ® symbol if you have not registered your brand as a trademark. People sometimes do this without realising their error. Until your mark is registered it is not legally protected. However if you can prove its use then ‘Historic use’ would allow you a fight as long as you could prove sales of your business or product and that a reputation had built up.

Clearly the safest action if your brand is important to you is to get it registered. We can do this for you so you can rest easy knowing your brand and business are protected against competitors trying to take advantage of your success.