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Halogen Creative is a one-stop marketing agency, delivering powerful marketing solutions to our clients. Whatever your problem or objective, Halogen Creative has the solution.

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Marketing Strategy

We develop the right marketing solution for each client we work with. Every client is different, but the principles are the same: get your products and services to your market and persuade them to buy. We discuss your needs at length, research your business, and your competitors. We then create the right multi faceted approach to engage and grow your customer base.

Creative Marketing Solutions

Creativity works best when harnessed by a well-researched strategy. We want your customers and potential customers to notice you. To do that, we need to research and analyse what they like and what they have seen. We combine tried and tested methodolgy to research and create, so we only provide solutions that work for your business and your customers.

Branding & Graphic Design

Creating a brand requires thought, emotion, and strategy. We create brands that customers buy into and feel part of. We create brands that emphasise your company ethos and company culture to your customers, ensuring it appeals to your target market. Our design work sends a clear message to your customers; who you are as a business, what you represent and why they should be part of your company.

Website Design & Phone Apps

Halogen is an award team of technical, creative and marketing specialists. We are one of the longest serving web and app development companies in the North East, boasting nearly two decades in business. In web terms that’s practically forever! Our approach is unique and proven to deliver online success. We are strategic and our digital applications are all design led and built. Our apps are validated by data and research to provide the best user experience.

Packaging Design

Our packaging team are packaging design specialists. They have created everything from foil wraps for biscuits to box cartons for water pumps. We have worked with large global brands like Galaxy and Findus, while also providing smaller scale solutions for regional and national clients. Whatever you packaging need – our expertise and knowledge will find the perfect solution.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Do you need a social media presence? Whether you’re looking to tap into the largest social media audience on the plant – Facebook – with a targetted ad campaign, or want to explore Google ads, we can devise a strategy to help you increase your CTR, impressions and online following. We’ll create a targeted and engaging campaign that will provide the best ROAS, because we know that success is all about seeing the leads flying in from your social media channels.

Traditional Marketing

Our years of experience and expertise make us the perfect advertising agency for any north east business, as well as businesses across the UK. We believe that advertising must have impact, and that it must be simple in order to get the message across. These are the advertising principles we work by, and our customers have been very impressed with the results.

Trademark registration

We create brands so we know how cherished they should be to a business. That’s why we have a team who work in Trademark Registration. Registering a logo can be a complex process, but it is absolutely necessary for every business. Why spend money on developing a unique brand and not protecting it from being copied by someone else? We will carry out the whole process from start to finish meaning your brand is safe from anyone else trying to take advantage of your hard work.