Direct mail marketing needs to be hard hitting and powerful, compelling people to take action. The experts at Halogen Creative will make sure your direct mail packs a punch! We handle every aspect of a direct mail campaign, from the initial creative design to the final targeted distribution. Halogen’s experienced marketing team can also provide marketing and branding advice and services, as well as bespoke sales literature, ideal for your target market. Direct mail is a great marketing tool for getting your message out there. It literally lands your message on your customers’ doorsteps. As part of a multifaceted marketing campaign, direct marketing is another way to get your message out to those who want to find it.

Direct mail envelope for Co-op

What does direct mail marketing entail?

Put simply, direct mail marketing is the creation and distribution (by mail) of literature that promotes your business. A large part of the service is enticing the recipient to open the mail to begin with. This is easy to understand, but very tricky to carry out, as people get junk mail through their letterbox all of the time—the trick is to stand out from the rest using enticing designs and messages. The more punch the mail has the better. Remember: you only have a few seconds before arriving in the recycle bin.

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