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Newcastle design agency influences

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So just what does influence the designers at top Newcastle Design Agency Halogen Creative?

It might be we’re re branding a global pharmaceutical company, it might be a top notch eCommerce website to sell bohemian clothing, or new packaging for a range of healthy cereal bars but ingrained into every project will be the perfect balance of creativity and strategic design that gets results.

We’re not saying this is easy. In fact it takes hard work and a whole load of research and brain power to deliver this day in day out. As designers though we relish in the challenge.

Interestingly, our team is influenced by difference things. Take our hobbies for example, within Halogen we have a drummer, rock climber, artist, motorbike fanatic and so on. We spend our spare time doing anything from visiting the Baltic or Sage to watching our kids perform at the Northen Stage, or just grabbing a few beers with friends at Lane7.

Design and influence is everywhere

It doesn’t matter whether it’s web design, advertising, branding or packaging, give designers a brief and you’ll get a different solution from each of them. True, there will be consistencies in font style, colour or even imagery but the message and delivery will always be different. Design isn’t a mathematical equation with a single solution.

The reason design is different is because we all bring different experiences, backgrounds and influences to the problem. We may share common interests but we’re still different. So the same design problem will have many different solutions.

Design process and how ideas are born

As designers we all have our own preferred design process. It might be a stroll down Grey Street, or listening to music while working. It all influences our design. For example, imagine setting your laptop up in the Laing Art gallery Cafe and setting to work on a rebrand for a heritage hotel, or attempting the same job in your design studio listening to Pink Floyd. The result would be different.

Design tools

It may seem an obvious answer but the tools we have for design certainly change the outcome. The is more noticeable for website design. In recent years WordPress has become a strong contender for website design which has given designers more freedom to do what was previously a developers job. Simply the ability to tweak and position items without having to go through a developer will have influenced website design.

If we look at Illustrator and Photoshop, every year they release a new version offering enhanced tools for transparency, cropping, and so on. The tools we use all have difference strengths and weakness to influence design.


So to conclude this article we finish with what we perceive the biggest influence of all. Life experience. Everything we design is shaped by our life’s experience. Style, voice, tone, perspective is unique to us and every designer on the planet. Of course living in the North East we’re influenced by great surroundings and a long heritage of great designers fromĀ  Matthew Murray a machine tool manufacturer who designed and built first commercially viable steam locomotive to John Dobson the famous architect who is best known for designing Newcastle Central Station and for his work with Richard Grainger developing the centre of Newcastle in a neoclassical style.


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