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5 ways to get your message out there!

So you’ve got a great message and you want the world to know about it! Work through the following and make sure you get every last drop of exposure out of it.


Annoying! Spam! Old fashioned! Easily ignored! we here you say. Well that depends on how you get your mailing list. If you have a subscribe form on your website then great, you’ll now have lots of loyal followers prepared to listen. If not why not? You really need to get one and start keeping in touch with your audience. If they’ve asked for content they’re interested and listening, they’re quite likely to spread the word for you, acting as ambassadors for your company. Emailing is still a great way to spread the word, send articles that offer free advice, updates on what you’re team is doing and let people really get to know you, keep it relevant and interesting.


Yes, put it on your blog but make sure your blog is well optimised. Many blogging tools such as WordPress enable you to add meta titles and descriptions helping your blog to be found on the search engines. Take full advantage! Also tap into Google + and link your posts for maximum exposure. You can even link your email newsletter to your blog, create your newsletter with a teaser so users have to use your blog to read the full article.


Build up a good presence on popular and credible forums steadily feeding information through. This will build awareness of your brand. Look at forums such as reddit, it’s a great way to get traffic to your site and it’s easy too. A word of warning though! Keep it relevant and high quality, less is more on forums.

Tweet it

Don’t ‘just’ tweet it though, do some research into your industry and related hashtags. Use hashtags in your tweets to put your content in front of your audience. Always listen to and join in conversations about your industry to grow your brand organically. Get your timing right! Think about when your market is receptive to your tweets, Twitter has busier times of the day when people are commuting to work, lunchtimes and so on.

Articles website
Post your content on high profile sites such as Articles base. This has advantages in many ways such as providing traffic back to you website through authors links. Google also picks up on back links from high ranking articles websites. Again, keep your content interesting and relevant and you’ll reap the rewards.

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