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Packaging design project for Onbone Sports Shin Guards


Our latest packaging design project for Onbone Sports shin guards.

The client wanted a stylish and protective pack to hold its revolutionary new shin guard fit system. We created the new branding to project a hi tech sports image and appeal to a target market of sports people.

We experimented with a small, but dynamic, colour pallette to test what worked with a black pack. We explored strong and bright colour ranges and finalised a lime green with white which is very striking on black. We then developed strong typography in keeping with a strong and dynamic product to emphasise the product benefits.

We needed a dynamic image to work with the message and also explored this at length. We settled on a neon green x-ray image of a footballer. This fits perfectly with the product’s ethos of dynamic sports protection while being environmentally friendly and also represents the target market.

We combined these elements together to make a striking brand image for the shin guard packaging.

We have also developed the branding across a range of marketing material from the leaflet the consumer gets in the box to instructions for the user.

When designing packaging it is important to be aware of the brand at all times. With this project we created the brand and so were in an ideal position to keep the synergy of it across all relevant material. But this isn’t always the case. If you are adding packaging to a range or creating a new pack with an existing brand it must be followed closely so the product fits within it. Branding and packaging must be intrinsically linked. This is vital to the overall marketing of any brand and any product. Get that right and you’re on the right path to successful marketing and product packaging design.

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