Marketing for any size of business


Marketing is important to every business no matter how big or small. It is how you get your products or services to your market. It is about you selling and  people buying. It lets everyone know you are there. It is your outlet to the world and your market. It is your way of making money from your business. It is vital for your future.

We are experts at researching a business and creating a marketing strategy for it. We combine common sense with creativity and strategy to develop ideas and a sensible approach to get your target market interested in your products. We form a bond with your customers that they enjoy and have faith in. We do this in many forms depending on each client’s needs. We research fully what your business is about. We get to understand what you are selling and who your market is. We form a strategy that works between the two and is right.

Some businesses may only need a little help with their branding. It may be outdated and in need of a refresh. It may need a complete overhaul. It needs to appeal to your target market so they feel happy to buy into it and also your products. It should represent your company ethos in its look and feel. Does it have a quality look and feel to it? Does it need to? Are you selling budget products or top end? Are you an Easyjet or an Emirates? The look of your brand will determine how people feel about it. We will advise you on this and make sure you are starting from the strongest possible position with your brand.

Perhaps you need help with your advertising. Are you getting response? Are the ads working? Do they represent your products and get your sales message across to your target market?

We will create stunning ads with impact. We will work on image and message together to get maximum effect from your advertising. We will get people to notice them. Your market will see your ads and therefore your product offer. We will get to know you and your business and sell it. We will create a series of ads if necessary to get more impact in publications. This gives you the strength of mutliple ads with different messages and offers but with a synergy of working together and gaining brand strength.

You may need to look at digital marketing. Are you using online advertising? Do you use social media? We can develop all areas of digital marketing for you. We will assess what can work for your business and build on that across all digital media platforms. Perhaps you need a Facebook App to build interaction with your market and help you build your customer base. These are great for getting customers involved with your business and products. We will create a strategy for your digital marketing and manasge it for you or show you how to manage it yourself.

If you need a complete rebrand and refresh across all your marketing we will create that for you. We will discuss and research your business and your markets and develop a full marketing campaign to reach out to them. We only develop those areas that will work for each client. We do not believe in creating marketing activities that are not right for you and are not going to get impact. It is about getting the most from your budget. We will agree what is needed and then agree a budget for it. By doing this we all know what is expected and what is accountable for and you don’t get any surprises.

We have a tried and trusted formula which has worked very successfully for many clients over the years. Come and discuss what we can do for you and your marketing needs.

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