Digital Programmatic marketing

Are you aware of digital programmatic marketing


Marketing has fully embraced the new digital experience. We have mobile and tablet devices coming at us from all angles. We have become a world of interactivity constantly looking for the next ‘fix’ of information or gossip. We cannot wait to share any new event or comment with our friends across social media. We are transfixed by web pages and new media experiences. Big brands are being thrown at us left, right and centre selling their new goods and tapping into our conscious and sub conscious to convince us to buy, buy, buy.

A new phenomena we may not even be aware of is digital programmatic marketing. Brand marketing is very clever and technology today enables techies to get messages to us in ever clever ways. Digital programmatic marketing does this using our data.

Have you, for instance, noticed when you have been on a particular website and looked at a certain product you then switch to a different site and lo and behold the product you had just been looking at appears on the page. The very same product! How does that happen? Now imagine you get an email sent to you saying there is a discount on the very same product. Yes, the very same one. How does that work? It‘s like someone is watching me and what I’m looking at.

This is digital programmatic marketing.

It works by using cookies and your info to ascertain what products you have looked at. Advertising brands are now bidding to show you their products based on what you are looking for. If they win the bid they get their advertising in front of you. They can then give you specific massages on that ad to entice you further. For instance, if you have been looking at air flights from Newcastle to Malaga, instead og just getting an ad for Easyjet you’ll see a specific price to go from Newcastle to malaga – clever huh!

In a way this is very useful for people as they will get ads specifically targeted at them. After all, who wants advertising for products they are simply not interesed in? Surely this makes advertising more relevant and more appealing to each of us. No more ‘blanket advertising’ that hopes to appeal to anyone and everyone. The problem is it relies on data about you to get the right ads to you. Many people are unhappy about having this data available to advertisers as they feel it is an intrusion on their privacy. Obviously advertisers are thrilled about it as it means a new targeted approach which is very speific is available to them to get us to buy their products.

Who knows where this will lead but one thing is for sure programmatic marketing is here and it is being used widely by the big brands to convince us of their products and persuade us to commit to a sale. And if it means we only get to see stuff we are actually interested in perhaps that is a good thing.

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