Digital marketing – Facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising​ really does work. But it must be done strategically.

Facebook now has over 2.5 billion monthly users. And 1.7 billion of those log in every single day. How would you like to be able to reach that many people?

Whatever your business model the chances are many of your customers are on Facebook. We can tap in to the detailed audience targeting data Facebook has to enable us to develop a key strategy aimed directly at your target market.

How do we do this with Facebook ads?

Yes, it can be very time consuming. And, yes, it is quite complex. Our Facebook advertising experts focus only on your critical areas of business. We ensure your key messages get straight to the specific market you are targeting.

We do this by:

Creating a tailored ​Facebook ad​ strategy that aligns with your business objectives.
Creating detailed analysis of your target audience.
Creating campaigns and ad groups that engage and drive target audiences.
Managing campaigns for optimal ROI and ad spend.

Everything we do has one goal – driving clear and measurable results for our clients. Using our extensive Facebook advertising knowledge and experience, we go above and beyond to propel growth for your business.

Our Facebook advertising services include:

Facebook Pixel Tracking

We use the Facebook Pixel to maximise opportunity and convert prospects who have already shown an interest in your products or services into buying customers.

Remarketing & Targeting

Through remarketing and targeting, our ​Facebook advertising can serve ads directly to the social feeds of people who have already visited your website, or interacted with your brand, but not yet purchased.

Performance Testing & Optimisation

Every ad campaign we create is unique, because every business is unique. As such, the rigorous testing of audiences, creatives, ad placements, and much more are standard operating procedures that optimise ad performance for your specific business strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We closely monitor the campaigns that lead to better performance so we can help your business improve its conversion rates on Facebook and deliver a consistent source of quality leads for sustained growth.

To learn more about how Facebook advertising can put you in front of your ideal customers and propel growth for your business across Facebook and various other social platforms, speak to a Facebook advertising expert today.

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