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Graphic design made easy


Graphic design is more accessible now than it ever has been. There are more apps, software programmes and video tutorials than ever before telling us, and allowing us, to draw, create, design and build anything from logos to calendars to websites.

We are in an age where digital opportunities are everywhere, and we all have the chance to demonstrate our artistic skill. The internet is a plethora of art and design and it has opened up a whole new world for anyone with an ounce of creativity.

Is this a good thing? Well, the jury is still out on this but we certainly cannot go back so we must all embrace the opportunity to create, create and create at will and help anyone looking to create for themselves.

As designers we know the rules. We understand the grids, the alignment, the complementary colours, how typefaces enhance design or kill it, how colours clash, how floating items do not sit well with the human eye, how widows and orphans look awkward in typography. We know all this and we spend hours working ways around them. That’s what graphic designers do – we solve visual problems. We are regularly presented with visual problems: a poor image that must be used, too much copy for a given page, a chart to be added to a perfectly balanced page. We spend most of our time solving these issues and still ending up with a work of design beauty.

We make it look easy because we have heads full of research and guidance, and have mostly seen anything that comes along many times before so can quickly apply a solution. This is why most people pay graphic designers to create their marketing material – it gets done right and to a very high standard in the shortest possible timescale.

More and more people are having a go themselves and this is creating interesting varieties of design. Looking at design from a guideline-free eye allows an unrestricted approach. This could end very badly but it could also end in something very fresh and new. It is possible that new styles and colours could be used which had not been considered previously. So why not have more people attempting their own graphic design and let’s see where it leads.

Yes graphic design is now more accessible than ever and more people see themselves as designers and are designing for themselves – graphic design really has become easier. Is it a good thing? Will design suffer because of it? Will it create a world wide visual monster? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, if you aren’t confident about your own artistic ability or design skills there’s a graphic designer near you who will be more than happy to help.


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