WordPress sucks

That’s quite a statement given WordPress websites currently account for around a quarter of websites out there! It may also sound surprising coming from a Web Agency that develops websites using WordPress. On top of all that you’re reading from our WordPress blog!

So let me explain.

WordPress is a wonderful application with virtually limitless functionality. It’s simple, fast and makes publishing easy. WordPress writes compliant code to W3C standards. Search Engines love it, and by extending your site with plugins you can display awesome feature rich content such as blogs, calendars, forms, galleries, sliders and so on.

Now you’re probably thinking what can possibly be wrong with WordPress if it offers all of this, and it’s FREE! This is precisely why WordPress does suck. It encourages people to use functionality for the sake of it. It encourages people to grab a template and bang out a website that has no brand, message or substance. It fails because it’s just too easy to produce rubbish.

There are too many website designers that will simply grab a template, stick a logo on it and call it web design. It’s not, and the worst thing is it won’t work and it’s wasting your money. Sure, it may look the part, it may have animation and a flashy menu BUT will it sell? Will it engage your target market and compel them to buy from you?

Good website design provides a great return on your investment. It communicates your message and tells people exactly why they should buy from you. Unlike many web agencies we think WordPress is a very small part of web design and NOT the only part.

Halogen will get to know you, your business and your market. We will work together to produce strategic web design that communicates the benefits of your product or service. WordPress will operate in the background with carefully selected plugins and bespoke functionality (used where appropriate) to engage your audience.

Halogen websites get results.

Here are some stats and comments from our clients.

Statebourne Cryogenics

· Total web enquiries for 2012 were 32 on the old website.
· The new website launched in 2013 achieving 335 enquiries.
· In 2014 the site generated 446 with 2015 hitting 512 enquiries
· 2016 is on target for 600+ enquiries

Halogen won us over with intelligent design work that really communicated the benefits of our products. They are highly responsive and it’s refreshing to work with a team that is so committed to getting results

Tony Hopper
Sales & Marketing

Damp Stop

· Monthly enquiries increase from 1 to 12 on average
· 15 of 16 service keywords indexed in the top 5 of Google
· Previously just 5 featured on page 1
· Site now starting to secure top positions for other nationwide locations
· Nature of enquiries changed and now attract larger / more profitable projects

“Excellent result on the new site, well done to Ian and Matt from Halogen Creative, very impressed with your service, again”

Richard White
Managing Director

Hart Doors

“The new Hart Doors website has become an increasingly important tool to disseminate our news and project our global image. We now see an increasing number of international contacts finding us since the website that came on stream in 2011. The site is attractive, distinctive and includes many features that in combination give our company the world-class feel that we now deserve.”

Alan Richardson
Export Manager at Hart Doors


“Halogen initially worked with us on our advertising campaign. Based on the success of this, we have commissioned them on various projects over the years including branding, leaflets, brochures, exhibition and to design our eCommerce website. They are knowledgeable and easy to work with. We have seen tangible results from their efforts.”

Rory Whitehall
Sales Director

Make sure WordPress works for you and not just your developer. Call us now on 0191 226 7332.

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