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Web design trends 2014

Normally, I would avoid anything relating to ‘trend’. For web design it’s an excuse for developers grab a cheap template online and slap your company logo on it. Yep, that will do, looks modern, few pointless whistles and bells and no regard for message, audience and usability. However, 2014 has actually seen some great web design ‘trends’. Simple, clutter free design that offers the best user experience without all the drop shadows, glass effects and gradients.

Below I’ve listed some of our favourite design trends for 2014.

1. Flat graphics and interface

If you’ve updated your iphone operating system lately, or grabbed a copy of windows 8, you’ll notice ‘flat’ design. Nice, simple clear design, no fuss or bevels or glows or tints, you get the idea. A bit like the Halogen website – coincidence?

2. Let the visual talk

No more lengthy text descriptions, instead we let images and icons deliver the message. Much less of the ‘click here’ – yes, we know you’re supposed to click on it so why is it necessary. You’ll notice many websites have dropped background images in favour of nice big, powerful images.

3. Minimalist navigation

Minimalist navigation, love it. Perhaps in response to the growing number of people on mobiles and tablets but websites are certainly getting cleaner with their navigation. It’s much more common for the navigation to shrink as you mouse away from it. Instead of showing every available link through the entire site we show what is relevant for that section, we use icons to mimic how tablets and phones navigate.

4. Video

Flash is out, video is in. Full screen glorious video streaming through your website. It works. Remember, your average internet users is lazy, save them clicking and reading, give them hi resolution video to deliver your message.

4. Tiled images and blogs

Tired of your banner top, nav left and content middle, with the odd image plonked between a paragraph. Refreshed by blocks of images, slides, video and so on all montaged together. It’s like real design, It’s like graphic design.

Check out our very ‘untrendy’ website design

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