Trademark registration to make sure your brand is protected

TradeMark RegistrationWhat a great way to start the new Year! Winning a trademark registration case.

We have spent a year fighting a trademark registration brand opposition case for one of our clients. We designed the new brand for the YOLO restaurant and bar in Ponteland. Following advice regarding expansion of the restaurant chain, and the risks associated with potential competition, the owner decided to go ahead with registering the new logo as a trademark.

Thanks goodness he did as just six months later there was another application for a YOLO trademark. Luckily ours was already registered so we immediately lodged an opposition case against it. There followed a lengthy battle over rights and who was registering what resulting in us winning the case for our client.

We recommend getting any important trademark registered as soon as possible if you are intending expanding and may be at risk of a copy cat business trying to steal some of your thunder. It takes about three months to do and is fairly straight forward if your brand is sufficiently distinctive, which it should be if designed well. There are various legal hurdles to jump through but we can guide you through this or do it all for you if you prefer.

The man advantage to being registered is that you can oppose anyone who tries to register their mark or who is simply using a similar mark to yours in their business. The law protects the mark that is registered first. This means your business is protected should anyone try to use a similar brand to yours. So if you intend expanding your business nationally or even internationally this should be something you seriously consider.

With our experience in trademark registration and fighting the cause for our clients you can rest assured you are in great hands and your business

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