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Will a top north east design agency abandon Apple?


I never thought I’d see the day when Microsoft would out Apple, Apple. Not until now that is. With the launch of the new Microsoft Studio Surface, top north east design agencies will be looking at their Apple iMacs and Mac Pros and wondering Apple is doing to compete.

Back in the day, design agencies everywhere looked to Apple to give them the tools they needed for their creativity. Over the years they have duly obliged. The graphic designer, creative director, illustrator, art director, design guru, typographer all had the creative design tools they needed and with the leadership of the great visionary Steve Jobs constantly coming up with faster and more advanced ways of giving us creatives the tools we needed to keep us all striving for more creative work.

Has Apple forsaken its core customer? Have the top north east design agencies, and design agencies across the globe, been let down by Apple? Has Apple put all its resources into the iPhone?

Microsoft has been playing catch up for years with Apple becoming the ‘go to’ brand for aspirational young and old people alike. The iPhone, Apple Watch and imac have long been seen as leading devices across the world. Top designers everywhere look to Apple for inspiration and creative energy of what they would bring to the market next. We have rarely been let down. The whole creative industry, from musicians and writers to artists and designers, has devoted years of their lives investing in Apple products to ply their creative trades and inspire their markets with visually innovative style.

The Apple OS is a joy to use compared to the clunky offering from Microsoft. Many of us have grown up with iOS and its features and have grown to love the way it works. We have Apple products everywhere, they are such a big part of our lives.

And then Microsoft launches its Studio Surface PC. This product really should have been created by Apple. It is an Apple product. It looks Apple. The ad looks Apple. Everything about this new sleek device is Apple. Clearly Microsoft are looking to take advantage of Apple’s malaise and attack us graphic designers and the like in the creative industry. They are trying to outdo Apple in their very own back yard with their very own core market.

Any top north east design agency will be looking at this new creative tool and thinking the same thing – why didn’t Apple develop this? Yes it will be running the revolting Windows OS but it looks fantastic. If it works as well as it appears to it will be an absolute joy to use. It will hark back to the old days of drawing boards, bad posture, and cut and paste. But now it mixes that with touchscreen, and upright viewing. It really is an awesome product.

Will a top design agency be looking at it – yes they will. Will Apple be concerned about it – yes they will. Well done Microsoft, let’s hope it gives Apple the kick they need to push a few more boundaries.

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