Spring is here!

Spring is here and our latest in-store Point of Sale project will help you to make your garden great.

One of our global clients is promoting their extensive high-tech range of gardening equipment. They needed a series of Point of Sale panels to help promote products covering everything from robotic grass cutting, extra strong hoses, and water conserving irrigation systems.

The POS panels needed to be ‘on brand’ and ‘on message’. We worked with their marketing manager to create an engaging series of visually appealing panels that get their message across on the products and their benefits in a clear and easy to follow way.

The objective with Point of Sale, much like advertising, is to keep things simple. Ensure people see the product, take the key message and, finally, understand the benefit. This is vital for selling. The key to this strategy is in using one strong product image, so people can easily see what they would be buying, and the benefits, consumers buy on benefits, so these need to be clear and actually of benefit to the consumer.

Getting all these elements right is not always easy, but it is extremely worthwhile, and is the only way your advertising or POS will work. Giving consumers too much information will confuse them and put them off reading anything. The rule is: two messages will get 50% of reading time, three 30%, four 25% and so on. So the more messages you use the less impact each one will have.

This client has many great images of their products, both in isolation and in use, so the creative work is pleasure to do. The product images themselves become the hero of the visuals accompanied sympathetically by the relevant key messages. This combination always works really well for any product promotion as it is a formula that consumers find very easy to read and absorb.

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