Packaging design project with Mr Wolf

We were approached by Mr Wolf spices to look at their branding design and packaging design. They were launching a new spice range and already had a great name to work with, but needed help with the brand and packaging.

Introducing our latest packaging design and branding design project.

Packaging design Mr Wolf

We worked closely with them to establish their target market and brand values. Once this was clearly established we were able to start looking at the creative direction for the brand – which is one of the more exciting ones we have worked on – to ensure it would work as a strong brand and also across the packaging range.

Having finalised the branding we were able to work on its application on the packaging. We worked together to source the most appropriate pouches for the spices. We looked at may options for size and quality before settling on the re-sealable clear pouch which would allow the spices to be seen through the pack.

We then created the design for the pouch allowing for adhesive labels to be applied front and rear. The labels would consist of each spice variant on the front and the relative ingredients on the rear. This is a great and cost effective way to produce multiple packs with a generic pack.

Once the first pouch design was complete and approved we were able to adapt each one to the different variants.

We then worked with the client to manage the print requirements involved in producing the pouches and also the front and back labels.

The final result is a stunning product range of spices that looks great and tastes fantastic.Packaging design Mr Wolf Spices

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