Packaging design for a sales binder


Our latest packaging design project is this super stylish sale binder for a metal coatings company in the north east of England.

The client needed a professional sales binder which would hold their range of metal coatings. They contacted us to discuss packaging design possibilities. We explained possibilities and our thoughts on what could work for their needs and were able to advise on how best to meet their packaging design requirements.

We talked through our creative ideas and what finishes and designs would work. They were very hands on and involved in the creative process. They knew what they wanted to achieve but needed help, creatively, to get there. We developed a stylish binder which would house 24 metal discs showing each finish available. We worked with them to find the right imagery for the design of the outer of the binder to give it great visual appeal to their customers.

We paid particular attention to the colour and style of the outer as this has to work very well to engage potential customers and represent the company style and branding. We explored imagery and styling to get to a final design that the client loved. Once we had this we developed the structure and how the metal discs would be held inside the binder securely. We created circular cut outs with a small squared off section at the bottom to help the discs fit more securely. We developed the size based on the number of discs to be inserted. Once this was agreed the final package design was developed and the typography for the inside finalised. We kept this to a simple and clean typeface as the target audience is mostly architects and interior designers.

Once the final packaging design was approved we worked with the selected printer to ensure a smooth process right up until delivery.

The client was thrilled with the finished product.


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