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New style marketing literature

marketing literature

Age UK brochure

Marketing covers an extremely diverse range of activity. It can be as simple as a targeted tweet. Or as large as a TV campaign. The activity you choose should be appropriate to the message you are trying to get out and the audience you are trying to engage.

Marketing literature forms an integral part of the marketing mix. This also encompasses a very wide range of options. Marketing literature can be a simple, small leaflet drop to a targeted area or an in-depth sales brochure for knowledgeable clients or technical customers. The trick is getting it right.

We discuss the target market with our clients and ensure we create the right strategic solution that delivers an engaging message to that audience. This is done through proper research and insight into a client’s business and understanding what their key objectives are. We don’t do any creative work until we have a full understanding of this objective.

The example above shows a creative marketing solution for Age UK Durham. They wanted to promote their vast array of services to a new market of younger, but senior, adults in the community. They provide a variety of help and support to the older members of our society and felt that they had used leaflets and brochures before and they had become a little tired as people had got accustomed to them.

We created a new concertina style brochure which allowed us to quickly show the various services Age UK Durham has to offer while also presenting it in an unusual and interesting way. Working with the client we created strong key messages to simply describe each service area and coupled these with a strong image to visually depict them. We combined these with panels of strong bright colour throughout resulting in a vibrant and contemporary final marketing tool.

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