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New branding – have your say on a new logo.

new branding logo

Have your say on our latest new branding project.

We create new branding for many clients across a variety of industry sectors. New branding is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a flagship for a business and its products. It is how people identify with your company and it needs to be right – not just for you and your company ethos but your target market also.

Above you will see four brand concepts created for a new business venture in an old orangery building. They are different in style but all work really well for the purpose of representing the new venture which will be running in the orangery building.

The first concept uses a classic serif font for the name and then creates an icon from a capital ‘O’ to give a contemporary feel to the brand. The colours are representative of the various flowers surrounding the building.

The second concept goes all out to depict the building itself offering a very illustrative and classic style showing off the building’s architecture and grandeur. This is complemented by the name which is a classic serif style.

The third option is a contemporary design which connects a simple classic typeface with the simplest of architectural details from the structure of the orangery. Based on an Ionic column detail this linear spiral forms a modern interpretation of an old classic.

The fourth option uses a more quirky font to give the brand more distinction. This is complemented by an architectural roof detail from the orangery building. It creates a very compact and strong brand unit which will work well across various media.

So which would you choose?

Do you prefer a classic illustrative style or a contemporary twist on a classic? Would you prefer big and bold or clean and refined?

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