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Leaflet or brochure?

So you have your logo in place. You have your signage, your vehicle graphics, your stationery and social media feeds for twitter and facebook. The question now is do I need a leaflet designing or should I get a brochure and get across more information on the company. Do I need a flyer with a punchy image and message? Should I advertise and, if so, where?

These are big questions for any business, no matter how big or small. They involve time and investment which are two commodities most businesses are trying to control. A lot of companies simply haven’t got the time to invest and so fail to get any kind of leaflet or brochure created. It can be a big ask for people if they are already quite busy in their jobs. This is where we come in.

We will sit down with you and discuss what you actually need. It all depends on how you are targetting your customers. For some businesses it is good to push social media and build customer awareness through that, but it may not be right for others. We will discuss what is right for you and will advise accordingly. It is pointless dedicating a lot of time to something that is not going to reach your market. This is a decision we will advise you on right at the beginning.

Once we have discussed and agreed the best marketing options for you we will look at options available. It may be a leaflet is the right tool to get your business or products to your customers and, if so, we can look at leaflet designs and leaflet drops to see where this can be done the most cost effective way. Both residential households and business premises can be targetted very easily depending on your product range and who you would need to impress.

The secret to hitting the right people is to identify where they are and hit those areas. If you’re selling household goods you need to be targetting people at home. If you’re selling business equipment you need to target business premises. This is the logistical part of the marketing of a leaflet or brochure. The design of them is vital to getting people interested in them and actually looking at them. You don’t want to spend time and money on a leaflet or brochure that ends up in someone’s bin.

We have many, many years of experience in getting the right balance for leaflets and brochures. It’s about striking a balance between visual impact and engaging copy. They need to have punch to get your reader’s attention. They need to engage the person and keep them interested while they are heading to the bin to throw the other documents in it. We all do it!

We will work with you to create a leaflet design with impact and strong messages to keep your target engaged and make sure they at least look through what you have to say. We will create a brochure design that sells your business as well as your products. It will generare interest and keep your reader informed enough to want to read more about who your are and what you offer them.

A brochure can be designed in a variety of formats. You may only need a small, four page, A5 brochure if that gets your sales pitch across. It may be worth going bigger to A4 if you have a lot to say and some good images. Remember images need to be of very high quality for brochures. They need to be sharp and taken well. It will do more harm than good using badly photographed shots of your products. They need to sell themselves to your potential customers. A great product photographed badly will not help to sell it.

If you want you could also add a gummed pocket into the back cover of your brochure. This would allow you to add loose sheet inserts into the brochure which could be personalised for specific product ranges or information. Perhaps even add a personal letter from the managing director. Or maybe recommendations from existing customers – some positive referrals from happy customers would help sell your products, especially with an accompanying letter from the man in charge.

As you can see there is a lot to think about with leaflet design or brochure design. It’s not just a case of having your local printer come up with something. Whichever option you go with it should be well produced, look professional, and give the right impression of your business to any potential customers.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you get it right.


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