Is your company text justified?

Are you a text justifier? Do you like your text to be aligned on both sides?

justified text

Many people like the look of text when it is justified. Perhaps because it can look very neat and tidy being ‘squared off’ on both sides. Perhaps you prefer it to look like a newspaper column where space is limited. But this method of typesetting can lead to problems.

When text is justified the spacing between the words is increased. This is the only way to make a line of words fit flush to the sides. Because words are all different sizes each line will be spaced out differently to achieve the desired affect of justification on the right and left.

If you look at the graphic above you can see the large spaces in the justified example on the left. Each line has been pushed out creating larger spaces between each word. This is highlighted in yellow. This can be compared to the example on the right which shows all words on each line with equal spacing.

The objective of any body of text is to be legible and easy to read for the viewer. When there are large spaces in between words it makes the copy harder to read which consequently has the viewer growing tired of reading it. The last thing we want to do is put someone off from reading your important information. It also looks disjointed and amateurish which in itself could deter a reader from even bothering to look at it.

By simply working with the text or aligning it to the left only (ranged left) we achieve a much better looking block of text that looks more professional, is evenly spaced, and is much easier to read. This gives us a greater chance of actually having a viewer read the information which is, after all, what it is there for in the fist place.


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