How well do you know your brands?

adidas brand

How on earth did a name like Adidas become one of the most iconic brands on planet earth?

A certain young man who was a sports fanatic who was constantly looking at his sports shoes and trying to adjust them to his own preference started creating his own sport shoes in his mother’s laundry room just after World War 1. His name? Adolf Dassler, known to his friends as Adi.

His sports shoes were designed so well that he got instant attention from sports retailers and so launched Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory with his brother Rudolf.

They started with tennis shoes but moved quickly into athletics and many olympic athletes soon started wearing their shoes so good were they.

Sadly for the brothers, they both joined the Nazi party in the run up to World War Two and soon became at odds with each other over their political views. Rudolf went off to war while Adi stayed at home making military shoes. Following the war the two had drifted so far apart that they would not speak and so split the business into separate entities.

adidas brand

It was now, in 1951, that Adi set up his own shoe company, under threat from his brother’s activities, and called it Adi Das from his nickname and surname. He still needed a brand however and wanted a trademarked logo fast so he scoured the register and found one by a Finnish company called Karhu which was a striking design consisting of three stripes. He loved it and agreed what today would be $1800 and two bottles whisky.

He knew the iconic three stripes would work perfectly on his sportswear products and all he had to do was add the name. The rest, as they say, is history.

And what happened to Rudolf I hear you say. He started another sports company and after much deliberation named it Puma.

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