How to position your brand

Your brand has a position. You may, or may not, be aware of brand positioning but be assured that it has one.

brand positioning

How do you define your brand’s position?

Positioning is where a consumer perceives a brand to be when viewed relative to competitor brands. This is something you should be controlling with your marketing. However, many people don’t and this can result in a confused message to consumers.

The objective of correct brand positioning is to reduce competition and increase focus on your brand with the targeted audience. Basically, cutting out buyers you don’t want and emphasise strengths to the buyers you do want.

Why is brand positioning important?

The human brain has an enormous capacity to store information. It is believed to be able to hold about 1 million gigabytes. That’s a lot of data to comprehend.

But it is clever. It only holds onto that which it deems to be of interest to it – currently, or in the future. That is where the marketing of your brand is crucial. Getting your brand, and its position within its market, established is key in getting consumers to accept, and keep, your brand in their minds.

So, how to position your brand?

What do you do and who do you do it for?

Identify market needs and where there is opportunity for innovation.

Research trends in technology, attitudes and behaviour.

Can you fill a gap in the market?

Can you position your brand in that gap?

Getting your brand positioning right is crucial. Do your market research and test the market before launch. Ensure your brand fits within the target sector and fills the gap you identified. Get all this right and your market will respond to it, buy into it, and become a responsive and loyal customer for many years to come.

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