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Coolest Brands – what are they in 2017?

What makes the coolest brands? What makes us buy them? How are those decisions made?

We all have our favourite brands and our favourite products. We all think we have good taste and we certainly like the things we buy. But which brands come out as the coolest and are the products we buy in that list?

Clearly the big brands are going to do well but then again some very popular brands will not be thought of as cool. Take toothpaste or toilet roll as an example. Both used worldwide and very popular obviously but neither product would be necessarily thought of as ‘cool’ and so would find it difficult to make it onto a ‘coolest brands’ list.

So, the coolest brands need to be very popular, used globally, and also thought of as cool to use and own. Brands that give pleasure but also improve our personal image by owning them. A product we feel good about and which makes our lives better.

Any thoughts yet?

coolest brands

Well it won’t take too much of an effort to see the global tech genius Apple is at the top. Steve Jobs was a true visionary and the creation of the Mac through the Ipod, Iphone and Ipad, not forgetting the Apple Watch, have put Apple firmly at the top of the coolest brands to own. Their attention to detail and style have undoubtedly created a product range that is much sought after by many of the world’s population and will no doubt continue to do so for years to come.

An interesting entry at number two is Glastonbury. The popular music festival doing a wonderful job of keeping its band cool and only being beaten to top spot by Apple.

In at numbers three and ten come the ever-growing online TV company Netflix and the massive Youtube. Very popular with TV buffs everywhere and with an extensive offering of movies and TV shows they both deserve their place in the coolest brands chart.

What could be cooler than an Aston martin – well clearly three things – but of all cars out there surely the Aston Martin and its design and attention to styling is a rival for Apple and its design team. I know we think so.

At five and eight we have the great sportswear companies Nike and Adidas. They have been creating fantastic sports wear and equipment for years now and have two of the great brand icons ever created in the Nike swoosh and the three stripes. Timeless and stylish brand designs any graphic designer would be proud of.

Where would young people be without Instagram? The social media giant comes in at six with its flexible approach to social communication that has mass appeal across a wide range of people globally.

At seven we have Spotify, bringing music on tap to music lovers everywhere.

And lastly at number nine, the giant of the gaming world Playstation still going strong after many years of game design and creation.

Do you agree with the official list? Is your favourite brand in there?



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