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Which Co-op logo do you prefer? There’s a new one.

Co-op logo

The Co-op logo has changed. Can you guess which one it is?

Which do you prefer – add your number in the comments at the bottom.

The Co-op logo originally had a clover leaf style which was designed in 1968. This was an iconic and simple design that had mass appeal and was easily recognised globally. When looking to rebrand the Co-op looked at various options for their new look. Do they spend a fortune on a complete new look and rebrand or is there merit in sticking with a tried and tested brand.

They had changed to The Co-operative in 2005, but this was looked upon as too corporate when trying to focus on local communities and local people.

I did a lot of work with the Co-op during this time and can say I disagreed completely with the change. It was too far towards big corporations and banking than having a strong focus on neighbourhoods and people. It was damaging and it should never have happened. But it did and has lasted 11 years.

Thank goodness they have finally seen sense and changed it back to closer to what they had.

The agency responsible for the new Co-op logo say this:
“Returning to the familiar can be a radical act, but it is the timeless quality of this iconic logo that makes such a move possible – it is distinct, recognisable, approachable, and dynamic, giving us the opportunity to signal a shift back to the ideas that made the Co-op special for its customers.”

I agree fully with this and quite what they were thinking at the time I have no idea. I would have gone back to the previous one and offered some simple fresh colour options to give it a fresh new look. This is a good step though as The Co-operative is just too formal, too old fashioned, and does not relate to the modern day consumer. Younger people should identify with it as it has a new younger appeal which should help get the next generation of consumer through their doors.

The now branding will be rolled out to the whole group by 2019 so plenty of time yet for those who still prefer the old one.


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