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Budget marketing help for north east tradesmen.

Calling all north east tradesmen. Are you in a trade? Are you a plumber, electrician or boiler man? We have the best deals for all north east tradesmen people looking to update their logo and image. We want every trade person out there to look as professional as they can. We want everyone in the north east of England to be successful and help the region grow and flourish.

Yes, we are on a mission. A mission to make your business look as appealing to your customers as it possibly can. We want you to win more sales and win more customers. We will do this by getting your business image right so it appeals to any future customers and generates your sales.

Over time a logo can look tired and out of date. The colours used originally can appear old fashioned. The fonts and graphics can put your business in the dark ages with its old world appearance. Perhaps you got your logo done by a neighbour who had a son or daughter doing GCSE art. We have heard, and seen, it all and are well past the point of being surprised by how a business logo has been created.

The key thing here is to understand how your logo affects the image of your business. Whether you like it or not, it does. People make up their minds about your business every time they see something with your logo on or something your business has produced. This is simple human nature – there is little we can do about this. What we can do is make sure when people come in contact with any part of your business they leave with a very good and professional impression.

This is easy to achieve. With a simple understanding of how to use your logo in a professional way, you can ensure your business appears as professional as it possibly can to all ptoential customers. We will assess your current logo and enhance it only if it needs it. We will make sure it is up to date and still working for your business. Whether you’re a plasterer, decorator, or gardener we will get you the right logo and the right image for your business.

Your customers want to know you are reliable and trustworthy. You will be going into their homes so they need to feel comfortable with you. You need to look smart professional and show that you value their home and belongings as much as they do. They will not be happy if you smell and mess up their house. So get this right first. They will want to see your company logo on your van and your clothes. This represents a professional business and distinguishes you from Cowboy Joe round the corner – no offence Joe.

We will work with you to create a cost effective logo that works across your business cards, leaflets, website and van. We will get you the cheapest possible deal so that you can look forward to appealing to your customers past, present and future in the knowledge that with minimum expenditure you are doing the best job you can to get your busines on track professionally and then keeping it there.

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