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If you’re thinking of supporting a charity you need to check out – Halogen has been working closely with the Children’s Charity over the past few months to deliver a full whistles and bells website to help generate funding and support.

The website quickly delivers key messages and will play an important role in supporting funding applications. Styling is bang on brand and is now being pushed through a range of marketing collateral to gain further recognition. We’ve included java animation to create a lively site that reflects the energy of the Aspired team and provides a great user experience (UX). The site is carefully structured with key user journeys based on personas so that we allow for a variety of scenarios and ways that people may interact with the website.

Practically, the site is developed in WordPress providing a full content management system with future development made easier and cost effective through a host of open source plugins. As you’d expect the site is fully responsive rendering consistently across all modern browsers on a various devices.

We had the pleasure of spending a day with the team filming and getting to know their organisation so we could communicate the many benefits of the service they provide. As such the website now features a punchy promotional video that really engages the audience and helps them to connect with Aspired. You can see the video by clicking here!

We’d also like to thank Creative Genius Media for some great videography and total commitment to the project – working as a collaborative Halogen created the story board and graphics with Peter from Creative Genius Media shooting the video and final production editing.

So what did Aspired think of our efforts?

‘It has been a pleasure to work with Matt Haycock of Halogen Creative to develop a new website for our charity.  Matt has demonstrated a high level of professionalism by listening to our requirements, providing step-by-step updates for consultation and being innovative with suggestions to ensure the resulting website is the best possible insight to Aspired Futures.

Our charity supports the most vulnerable and ‘at risk’ children and young people living in in an area of high deprivation.  Our website needs to be sensitive to their complex needs and mindful that they themselves, along with parents and carers, will access the website at the same time as it being our tool to inform referring inter-agency professionals and also giving grant funders, donors and sponsors a greater understanding of what difference their money will make.  Serving the needs of this cross section audience is a huge challenge for a web designer, Matt has risen to that challenge.

Children and young people should not be labelled and no-one should have to be described as deprived, Matt has ensured our website focuses on positive aspects and the opportunities we provide for children and young people to have access equal to any of their peers in the community.

I am fully confident that Matt has designed a website which reflects our own very high standards of professional delivery and I would not hesitate to engage with Matt in the future for any similar projects.’

Helen Atkinson
Finance and Business Development Manager
Aspired Futures Ltd

So what next?

Halogen is working with Aspired to deliver further marketing collateral in the form of roller banners, business cards and so on. We will also be delivering a full content marketing campaign to keep Aspired in the spotlight.

If you have a charity and would like a dedicated team of professionals to help boost your fundraising then please get in touch. It has been a pleasure to work with Aspired Futures and help them to boost funding to support some great work.

We want more! Call now and speak to Matt on 0191 226 7321.



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