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We are an advertising agency in newcastle and this is our latest TV ad. The client is a holiday back pay claims company. We created a concept focussing on what people who claim could do with the money if they won.

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We create advertising for all media. We will work with you to create scripts, look at concepts, develop your ideas, work on story boards, source soundtracks, and get the ad produced and on TV. If you need to attract attention for your products we will have the solution.

The process of working with an advertising agency is quite simple. We will base the concept on what your target market will like. The secret is to attract them and get them to stop what they are doing. Once we have done this we need to keep them interested. This is done by giving them a short story – something that will intrigue them and get their attention. There is little point in throwing contact numbers at them at this point as people have no intention of even thinking about calling you yet. Please be patient! Give them something of interest and they will want to call you – so let’s get them interested first.

We devised the concept based on what a guy would do if he won a few hundred quid. Maybe even a grand or two. We reckoned most guys would quite like to hire a Ferrari for the day. So the ad starts with the guy sitting in his hired Ferrari. He’s looking smug and quite pleased with himself. And so the ad rolls. Only to find he’s actually sitting in his son’s toy car in their back garden. Oh dear, he’s just dreaming of what he’ll spend his money on. Needless to say his son and wife think he’s a bit of an idiot.

This gets across the message of what benefits are available with the product and also adds a little humour to the ad.

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