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A new class of smart phone – iPhone 5S and iphone 5C

So the new iPhone has been announced and the usual Apple fanatics will be charging down to the Apple Store to get their hands on it. This time we have a choice of two iPhones – the all singing and dancing iPhone 5S, and the cool for kids iPhone 5C. It’s a bit like school when we had different classes denoting themselves as 4B, 4C and the like. And certainly the new iPhone 5C will have large appeal with many school children and college teens out there, with its options in colour body and cases too. The options for those wanting to really individualise their iPhone are almost endless. There seems to be a definite strategy by Jonny Ive and his Apple design team to really target younger people and it seems young people of China are the main object of their desires. There is a huge market out there apparently for cheap but awesome smartphones.

For the grown ups out there the 5S looks very good too. It even offers a gold edition which will probaly be the flagship iPhone for those wanting to make the most of status and let their friends and envious associates know they have the best smartphone on the planet. The design of these is superb again and has left nothing to chance for the users and the pursuit of a smartphone that offers the most necessary functionality on a phone. Yes, other smart phones may offer more but do they offer what you want. The Apple design philosophy is to make the phones easy to use and enjoyable rather than fill them with things nobody is ever going to use more than once.

The fingerprint ID function is particularly impressive and will hopefully help with people trying to remember passwords, passcodes etc. It will be interesting to see how people take to this facility in due course.

So can the people of the world rejoice that Apple is once again giving us a smart phone to be proud of and maintains its position as the technology leader of the world. The leader that other companies follow. Time will tell.

IPHONE TIP: How to mark all your messages as read in one go on the iPhone.

Open Mail and touch your ‘edit’ button.
Select just one of your messages.
Now press and keep pressing the ‘Mark’ button down at the bottom.
Keep pressing the ‘Mark’ button and now touch the message you had previously selected to unmark it.
Now stop pressing the ‘Mark’ button.
Now simply Touch the ‘Mark as read’ button.

This pretty much confuses the iPhone into thinking things it couldn’t before. But it will mark all your messages as read and will save you going through every single one of them separately.

Good luck

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