Digital marketing – Facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising​ really does work. But it must be done strategically.

Facebook now has over 2.5 billion monthly users. And 1.7 billion of those log in every single day. How would you like to be able to reach that many people?

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National Pubwatch rebrand

We were approached by National Pubwatch to look at their branding. The existing logo was very childlike and not suited to the organisation or its members – primarily pubs and bars.

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New style marketing literature

marketing literature
Age UK brochure

Marketing covers an extremely diverse range of activity. It can be as simple as a targeted tweet. Or as large as a TV campaign. The activity you choose should be appropriate to the message you are trying to get out and the audience you are trying to engage.

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Packaging design project for Onbone Sports Shin Guards


Our latest packaging design project for Onbone Sports shin guards.

The client wanted a stylish and protective pack to hold its revolutionary new shin guard fit system. We created the new branding to project a hi tech sports image and appeal to a target market of sports people.

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Newcastle design agency influences

newcastle upon tyne sunset

So just what does influence the designers at top Newcastle Design Agency Halogen Creative?

It might be we’re re branding a global pharmaceutical company, it might be a top notch eCommerce website to sell bohemian clothing, or new packaging for a range of healthy cereal bars but ingrained into every project will be the perfect balance of creativity and strategic design that gets results.

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Design and marketing – it’s a partnership!

violin bow

Let’s face it, if you’re instructing a design company or marketing agency you’re looking for one thing – to boost sales! Whether you’re an existing business struggling with a change in the market, or a business start-up, you need a solution to take your business to the next level.

Here’s the problem, too many agencies out there provide either marketing or design. Successful campaigns are the result of a collaboration between design and marketing. Without marketing design is meaningless, it will fail to communicate the right messages and win over the audience. Similarly, marketing without good design will lack impact and the ability to engage with the target market.

Strategy wins every time.

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