National Pubwatch rebrand

We were approached by National Pubwatch to look at their branding. The existing logo was very childlike and not suited to the organisation or its members – primarily pubs and bars.

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Trademark registration to make sure your brand is protected

TradeMark RegistrationWhat a great way to start the new Year! Winning a trademark registration case.

We have spent a year fighting a trademark registration brand opposition case for one of our clients. We designed the new brand for the YOLO restaurant and bar in Ponteland. Following advice regarding expansion of the restaurant chain, and the risks associated with potential competition, the owner decided to go ahead with registering the new logo as a trademark.

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Looking for logo ideas?

Is this you?
Are you looking at your current logo / brand and thinking “Is this right for my business?” Do you need some exciting and fresh logo ideas?
Does your logo need updating?
Are you looking at free logos?
Is my logo or brand the right colour?logo ideas

Logo ideas are everywhere. There are millions of free logos and logo templates all over the internet. We are swamped with branding and logo design everywhere we look. But how do you choose what is right for you? Read more

When a logo becomes branding

Do you need a logo or do you need to look at your branding?

apple.logosThere is a big difference between the two. Let’s face it anyone can design a logo – yes anyone. All it takes is to type a word – preferably the name of your business – and stick some kind of mark or shape next to it, and voila you have your logo!

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Marketing for any size of business


Marketing is important to every business no matter how big or small. It is how you get your products or services to your market. It is about you selling and  people buying. It lets everyone know you are there. It is your outlet to the world and your market. It is your way of making money from your business. It is vital for your future. Read more