Digital marketing – Facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising​ really does work. But it must be done strategically.

Facebook now has over 2.5 billion monthly users. And 1.7 billion of those log in every single day. How would you like to be able to reach that many people?

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Marketing for any size of business


Marketing is important to every business no matter how big or small. It is how you get your products or services to your market. It is about you selling and  people buying. It lets everyone know you are there. It is your outlet to the world and your market. It is your way of making money from your business. It is vital for your future. Read more

Life as an advertising agency

Ah yes the advertising agency.


Once upon a time there were businesses with products. Many, many businesses. They all looked at each other and wondered how they could persuade customers to buy their products over the others. The would shout and scream about how great their products were and why everyone should be buying theirs. That was back in the day before advertising, when things were simpler, and customers knew what was what with products.

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Advertising agency

We are an advertising agency in newcastle and this is our latest TV ad. The client is a holiday back pay claims company. We created a concept focussing on what people who claim could do with the money if they won.

Click here to see the ad.

We create advertising for all media. We will work with you to create scripts, look at concepts, develop your ideas, work on story boards, source soundtracks, and get the ad produced and on TV. If you need to attract attention for your products we will have the solution.

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