If you're selling your products to retailers, at some point you will be asked for a brochure or some form of sales literature. Leaving sales brochures at the end of a pitch is a great way to influence them once the initial pitch has been made. They serve as a reminder of who you are and what your products are. Halogen Creative ensures that our clients’ sales brochures and literature represent their businesses, their products, and that they target their specific market. This is an ROI-focused service which aims to give you tangible increases in revenue based around your pre-existing sales process.

If you are interested in the inherent design aspects of Halogen Creative’s brochure and literature design, then you may also like to check out our logo design and packaging design.

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We can create a clever small, leaflet-style brochure or a thick, multi-page product brochure. We design with purpose, with your target audience in mind. If you need help with your copywriting, we will assist with that also. We have many years of experience in marketing and advertising, and we know how to target any audience with a carefully honed message. In short, we know how to sell your business.

In addition to your marketing material, we can assist with any photography required to produce your brochures—we can also create a sales video presentation for you. At Halogen Creative, we provide a full service and we can tailor it to any client’s specific needs—as no two businesses are identical.

When planning your corporate brochure, consider these issues:

What will the company brochure be used for?

Will it present general company information, specific product specs and benefits? Or will it provide special information?

Who is the audience for each company leaflet or brochure?

Investors, partners, customers? You decide what you want (with our expert advice).

How many corporate sales leaflets do you anticipate for each piece?

This will help you not only budget for it, but also get an idea of what level of quality you should aim for.

Your sales force must adhere to the corporate style we've been talking about. They see and talk with your customers every day and must be consistent with your planned image and position.

When you decide you need to use promotional literature as a part of your business, you don't just write copy and come up with a design. You have to think about the factors that influence the development of your company brochure.

First, what is your target audience? The age, economic status, ethnic background, educational level, and other demographic information about each of your prospects will influence how you develop your promotional literature.

You also need to think about the intended function of each piece of promotional literature. Every leaflet is not always going to have the same purpose, especially if you are selling to two different audiences. For example, you may want to develop a company sales brochure that explains your products and services in layman's terms for customers who have little knowledge of your industry and another technical sales brochure that explains your products and services in technical terms for industry insiders. Once you've developed your brochure style and design, you can use it in five different ways for the best possible results.

Fulfilling requests for Information

Many people want more information on a product or service before they will commit to making a purchase. It's not possible to visit each of these prospects in person, so you need to have a company brochure readily available so you can mail it out immediately after a request is made. When you're fulfilling requests for information, you can send a sales brochure or sales catalogue alone or you can create a marketing pack that includes a brochure, sales letter, catalogue, and other literature that help prospects make a purchasing decision.

Use as direct mail

You don't need to wait for prospects to request more information about your services. You can take a proactive approach and use your corporate brochures as direct mail pieces. Once you have assembled a mailing list of people in your target market, you can send brochures, sales letters, and other marketing materials to each household or business on the list.