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How does branding work?

Branding goes back to farmers and ranchers burning a mark on their cattle to stop them being taken by cattle rustlers.

How does branding work?

Nowadays it is how consumers identify with businesses and products. Everything a consumer buys needs a brand. This is needed to help customers distinguish one product or service from another.

Of course a brand can be good or bad, of a quality or poor standard. Think of Easy Jet and The Emirates: two travel brands but completely different ends of the price and quality spectrum giving very different levels of service. Both have good strong brands and both offer their particular consumers a great service.

This is a great example of how brands work. It is not just about the logo being everywhere – though this is crucial for strength – it’s about what you are offering. Your staff, your presentations, how your customers see you, the service you offer – these all contribute to the perception of your brand.

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