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How does branding benefit consumers?

Consumers want to feel good about what they buy. They want to get something out of the transaction. Consumers buying is an emotive process. People often shop to make themselves feel better. ‘Retail therapy’ isn’t just a phrase people say – it is real. We are all working hard and dealing with life’s blows can be tiresome.

In times of need we turn to things that give us pleasure. And the things that give us most pleasure are the things we desire the most: products with well known branding.  And the things we desire the most are often the big brands that other people have but we don’t – iPhones, iPads, jewellery, cars, designer clothes.

So brands benefit people because people have desire for them. Apple, Nike, Rolex, Dolce Gabbana, these are all much sought after brands. They have been built from great marketing and great quality products. Do they benefit consumers – you bet they do!

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