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Graphic Design Jobs

Are you looking for a career in graphic design?

Graphic design is a thriving industry. There are more and more products and services  that need marketing and selling than ever before. There really are astonishing amounts of graphic design jobs out there and all the visual work ou see is all created by graphic designers.

How do I get started in graphic design?

The first course of action would be to get on a course where they will teach you the basics of how to design. There are rules which we follow, although part of the creativity with designers is breaking rules and still creating something fantastic. Clearly if we all followed the same rules everything would look the same – and we don’t want that in design do we? So get on a course and learn how to design.

Once you have learnt how to design you can get in touch with graphic design agencies and ask if you can get some work experience. Perhaps just go and talk to designers about the industry and get a feel for the way graphic designers work and what their job entails. It may surprise you to learn what the complete graphic design role involves and how much consultancy takes place.

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