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The brand that is Russell Brand.


Branding. The icon, the logo, the style, the constant look, the feel, the colours, the message, yes all of these things represent and form a brand.

Russell Brand shares the name and has done an amazing job of creating the Brand ‘brand’ as it were. He has had quite a life thus far. Born in Essex, his parents split up when he was only six months old. It has not been easy from him and he ended up getting involved with drugs. He has had a very colourful upbringing and has done well to keep most of his faculties intact.

Branding and Russell Brand have one thing in common – they both stand out as individual and memorable. Brand has a distinctive look and style about him and he plays this perfectly. It is clearly comfortable for him and he hides any demons well.

A brand has to be built over time. It has to be nurtured and emphasised at any given opportunity. Using PR and advertising is crucial to maintaining a brand and Russell has done this expertly. Having made it through his difficult childhood he has created a flamboyant, Bohemian caricature of himself with enormous popularity, particularly amongst young people. This type of brand development is not easy – it takes time and a lot of effort.

Any brand needs to be well thought out and have a strategy for development. This is crucial in forming a brand and building it. It takes expertise and hard thinking. Russell Brand has evolved over many years as a very likeable character who is very funny and has an inextinguishable turn of phrase. His strong, and often, controversial opinions carry favour and fervour with many. He can split opinion in one sentence and cause serious offence in the next. This is the Russell ‘Brand’. He carries an almost ‘Jesusesque’ quality about him – standing up for the poor and desperate, as he himself once was, which is admirable to many though cynics will quickly tell you Jesus never had riches of his own.

He recently advised his millions of Twitter followers to vote labour in the general election. He must have been unaware that to be able to vote people had to register with their local council. Many millions of his followers were previously told voting was a waste of pencil lead so the confusion amongst them leading up to the election must have been palpable.

Of course now the Conservative party has won an overall majority, wiping out the Labour party in the process, he is now telling people he is just a comedian, and what does he know, as clearly the country has a difference of opinion to him. Hey Ho Russell.

So the Russel Brand ‘brand’ has taken a little hit, as do commercial brands, but his loyal army of followers and fans will remain mostly intact and that is down to his brand strength. That is something we all need to learn about how branding works. Even when a business service goes wrong or a product is found to be faulty it is still possible to recover and maintain the brand strength overall. As long as it has been built up carefully and you retain customer loyalty it is much easier to keep a market base happy and put right any mistakes that come along.

Russell Brand learnt that during the general election and we can all learn something from that.

Graphic Design Jobs

Are you looking for a career in graphic design?

Graphic design is a thriving industry. There are more and more products and services  that need marketing and selling than ever before. There really are astonishing amounts of graphic design jobs out there and all the visual work ou see is all created by graphic designers.

How do I get started in graphic design?

The first course of action would be to get on a course where they will teach you the basics of how to design. There are rules which we follow, although part of the creativity with designers is breaking rules and still creating something fantastic. Clearly if we all followed the same rules everything would look the same – and we don’t want that in design do we? So get on a course and learn how to design.

Once you have learnt how to design you can get in touch with graphic design agencies and ask if you can get some work experience. Perhaps just go and talk to designers about the industry and get a feel for the way graphic designers work and what their job entails. It may surprise you to learn what the complete graphic design role involves and how much consultancy takes place.

How does branding benefit consumers?

Consumers want to feel good about what they buy. They want to get something out of the transaction. Consumers buying is an emotive process. People often shop to make themselves feel better. ‘Retail therapy’ isn’t just a phrase people say – it is real. We are all working hard and dealing with life’s blows can be tiresome.

In times of need we turn to things that give us pleasure. And the things that give us most pleasure are the things we desire the most: products with well known branding.¬† And the things we desire the most are often the big brands that other people have but we don’t – iPhones, iPads, jewellery, cars, designer clothes.

So brands benefit people because people have desire for them. Apple, Nike, Rolex, Dolce Gabbana, these are all much sought after brands. They have been built from great marketing and great quality products. Do they benefit consumers – you bet they do!

How does branding create value?

If you’re thinking of starting a business or marketing an existing company you will need to look at your branding. Your brand plays an important role in defining your product or service. It communicates your company ethos and tells your customers exactly what your business is all about.

How does branding create value?

A strong brand will attract customers, it’s the face of your company encompassing everything you stand for. It will inspire confidence and strike a chord with your target market.

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