A creative new media designer with a wide range of skills in web and print design and the experience and ability to manage the most demanding projects from inception to completion.

He is driven by a desire to produce work that communicates powerfully with target markets and judges all design by the results it gets.

He enjoys working with clients and gets a real buzz from achieving results with them. He favours a fresh, open and honest attitude with energetic enthusiasm to get ideas set in motion.


Fifteen years as a graphic and web designer.

First employed by a leading Manchester agency, he was the principal creative designer and worked on a wide range of projects for large organisations such as Air 2000, BBC and Ingersoll-Rand. He then went on to Newcastle to specialise in web design & development and also marketing literature working for organisations such as the Co-op and Hunt Kidd Law firm.

likes and dislikes

Likes: Eating out, Guinness, climbing, mountain biking, outdoors, canoeing, Moto GP, spending money, gadgets, ebay, countryside, my kids, family and having a laugh.

Dislikes: Biscuits that you can't dunk, speeding tickets, fixing things, alarm clocks, ties, suits, bananas, comic sans, title case, bad weather, potholes.