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‘We want a website that jumps out!’

This was our brief for the new Sandcastle Waterpark website. Excited to be given the task of developing something different we jumped straight to it.

Our developers were tasked with finding a suitable solution for website animation. Not only did the website need animation but it needed to support mobiles and tablets, it needed to be responsive. This clearly meant no flash!

Working along side the developers our web designers created concepts that presented the same buzz and excitement that you experience visiting the Waterpark.

Now in development our latest website win is taking shape. The solution to ‘responsive’ web animation is CSS3. CSS3 animations work on all modern browsers and can be applied on scroll to produce great effects. CSS3 animations are also very easy to apply to WordPress which is Halogen’s preferred platform for Content Managed websites.

We’ll update you shortly with our new all singing all dancing website. Halogen has secured two web awards for the Sandcastle – could we be in line for our third win!

If you need something different we can deliver. It may be design, it may be functionality, we will make it happen.

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