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key things to remember when creating a brand…

We’ve heard it all when it comes to designing brands, here are just a few of the things to remember which may save time, hassle and help you create a better brand.

1. A logo doesn’t need to be a literal representation

Yes, a logo should have some meaning but it doesn’t have to be a literal representation of what you do. So, for example a builders logo doesn’t need bricks, nor does an accountants logo need to show a calculator. Always think of big brands, they’re the experts. Nike don’t use someone running, instead the SWOOSH logo could represent the wing in the famous statue of the Greek Goddess of victory, or, a sign of victory drawn by Pheidippides for the Athenian army in 490 BC.

2. Not all company logos need a mark, symbol or icon

Many designers fall into the trap of overworking a logo. Logos need to be simple and memorable. Not every brand will benefit from an illustrative symbol. The answer is sometimes to forge the logo out of typography.

3. AVOID trends

Great if you’re designing a new jumper or the latest fashion accessory but not if you’re designing a logo. Always question how your brand will look in five or ten years time.

4. Ensure your brand is appropriate for your market

Simple, a kids nursery logo should look fun and exciting, a solicitors should look corporate and professional. It’s crucial to keep your audience in mind, remember above all, it’s not always what you like but what appeals to your market.

5. Keep your branding simple

Simple logos are memorable and easier to recognise. Again, look at all the big brands and notice how they adhere to this, Audi, Google, Playstation and so on. Not only are simple logos more memorable but they are flexible too, logos need to work across a range of media used in different sizes and colour.

We are branding specialists

We design powerful logos and branding that engage your market and boost your company image. We work with you, we explore options and make sure you are entirely happy with your logo and branding design. Take a look at a few of our logo design projects or call us now 0191 226 7321.


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