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Making money from your Ecommerce website – ideas and testing

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If you’re thinking of setting up an Ecommerce website there a few things you really need to know. Selling online can be very successful and rewarding BUT many people fail to even get started. Worse still, some invest huge amounts of time and money yet struggle to sell a single item. If you’re working with a specialist Ecommerce web design company, or developing a website yourself please read this article and make sure your Ecommerce experience is profitable.

The idea

You’ve probably got lots and lots of ideas that you think will get you on the rich list fast. Nothing wrong with that at all, it’s what you do next that matters! You need to test your idea, you need to make sure that the rest of the planet hasn’t had the same idea. It’s more than likely that there are already a few thousand websites selling your product.

Without doubt, the most successful sites now are ‘niche’ websites. It’s a saturated market where competitors are firmly ranked on the search engines, with huge budgets to spend on online marketing. You don’t want to take these guys on.

When you’ve narrowed your list down try and make the remainder niche. For example, if you plan to sell iphone covers, can you make this niche be selling ‘the most robust iphone cover’ for the adventure sports market.

Niche it down, succeed.

Test your idea

You can and should test your product. There are a few ways to do this;

1. Engage in forums – There are many specialist forums out there where you can test your products, and how your audience responds. If you’re really lucky you may receive feedback and comments to improve your offering. Look for relevant posts and ask people what they think of your idea, you’ll find the response is honest, and much more helpful than asking your mate, who will undoubtedly say ‘great idea mate’.

2. Use social media – Much the same as above, trawl the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to find and engage with potential customers.

3. Test demand and selling – Why not create a blogging website and start uploading articles and advice on your products. It’s a great way to really learn about your product. When you’ve done this set up affiliates links through Amazon to test traffic to your website. If you notice organic traffic then you have a market. The next step is to try selling online using an affiliate scheme such as Ebay or Amazon.

This is probably one of the most important steps, don’t be tempted to rush it and don’t ignore your research. You must be prepared to ditch ideas and start all over again.


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