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A stripteas with your cuppa?

Stripteas mugsOur latest packaging design project is ready for action. We have just finished the packaging for Stripteas an amazing new tea mug that ensures you get your tea exactly how you want it every time.

This revolutionary mug has strips of tea colour inside it which help you gauge how strong you prefer your tea. Numbered from one to strong you mix your tea to the corresponding number for strength. Simply tell your tea maker which number you want “I’ll have a three please Bob”, and away you go. The perfect cup of tea every time when you use the Stripteas mugs.

Even the most fussy of fusspots will be happy that their tea will be made to their exact taste preference each time they have a brew.

The design is based on the function of the mug and uses a strip effect in the background while promoting the StripTeas brand heavily on the face. We created a chalkboard style flow chart to show the decision making sequence we go through when making our tea, and remind people of how they will use the mug with some cartoon characters on the back.

Go on, treat yourselves to a Stripteas mug and relax with your perfect cuppa every time.

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