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I get loads of traffic but no website enquiries! 7 steps to FIX this problem…

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We’re all so obsessed with getting traffic to our website that we sometimes forget what we’re doing it for – sales! There’s little point boasting millions of hits on your website unless they convert to sales. Don’t fall into this trap, I’m certain you’d far rather have less traffic with more conversions!

Now, if you’re paying for SEO you want the best return possible so work through the following points and STOP LOSING WEBSITE ENQUIRIES…

Make sure your website is easy to follow, it should provide a clear linear path where the user knows what and where to go next. Sit your grandma down and watch how she navigates through your website, what are the sticking points? Every page should be consistent and provide a clear instruction or call to action.

This applies to every single element on your website, including tone of your content, design style, positioning of buttons, imagery and so on. Critically, make sure ‘quality’ is consistent and remember users don’t necessarily land on your home page. As designers we control which elements a users looks at next to ensure your message and brand is consistent and strong.

Use images and video to tell a story. Don’t get wrapped up in lengthy descriptions and endless text. Be emotive, be unique, interesting and let personality, thoughts and opinions reign over summary and exposition.¬†

Yep, it’s that one again. Mobiles, tablets and handheld devices are taking over. Make sure your website is fast loading and easy to use. What’s you patience threshold for sites that are slow to load or clunky to use? Half a second?

Be social and SHARE your content! Add sharing buttons and engage in social media. Get your name out there so users have seen your brand before they even visit your site.

We’re talking call to action – the bolder the better! Think big, bold, colourful and you’re on the right track. Be clear, communicate value, reduce anxiety and most of all create urgency! Offer ends today!

Forget loyalty, kindness and all of that. If you want to make sure someone takes up your offer or request you need to¬†incentivise them. What’s the offer? Why should your visitor hit the contact button? What can you offer that others can’t? Remember, the reward must outweigh the effort to enquire.

Halogen helps clients to convert traffic into website enquiries.



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