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There are no excuses for having a bad website

Well, actually there are lots of reasons for bad websites but there shouldn’t be any excuses! In our business we see some appalling examples of bad design, functionality and usability. With today’s resources, abundance of skill and competitive rates is there really an excuse? Here are some of the classic excuses we hear and more importantly how you can overcome them. If your website isn’t doing what it should, read on.

‘A new website is too expensive, we can’t afford one’

That may have been true years ago but not now. This excuse is weak, consider how many agencies there are in your area all competing for work, negotiate with them, work with them, and build up a good relationship. Most agencies will reward you with lower hourly rates for passing work their way. Times are tough and agencies are fiercely competitive, and eager to win your business.

So, what else has changed in web development? Plugins and off the shelf solutions provide you with eCommerce websites, content managed websites, galleries, blogs, forums and so on. The cost of functionality has come down because developers have a wide range of tools at their fingertips, there are far fewer bespoke websites which means customising an existing product if far, far cheaper.

Now, aside from the lower costs of development we really need to address the issue of investment. If your website is poor you may as well not have one, in fact it could be damaging. Business that refuse to invest money in web design will suffer, it’s as simple as that. A good website isn’t a nice thing to have, it’s essential in today’s market, broaden your appeal, tap into new markets and make sure your company is well represented online.

‘I don’t need to have a great website, in our industry it’s not important’

That may have been true a few years ago but now companies need to do whatever they can to gain a competitive edge. Even the most traditional industries are using the internet to their advantage. Ask yourself how many people who were technophobes are now using the internet to buy online, browse, shop and interact with others.

‘My design agency did a poor job’

It doesn’t always follow that paying top dollar delivers great design. Research your design agency carefully, spend time getting to know them before committing. Take a close look at their portfolio, testimonials and above all ensure you are clear as to what they are offering and for how much.

We could go on, we hear so many excuses in our industry but ask yourself this, is your website a good representation of your offering? Does it look professional, get across your usp’s and does it strengthen your brand?


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