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Spaceship Apple: concept Steve Jobs; Design Foster and partners.

Apple gets planning permission to build the SPACESHIP.

Apple is going to realise the futuristic plans of Steve Jobs to create the greatest office block in the world. It may look like something from the future but this circular beauty is going ahead and will be appearing in woodland near you (if you live in San Jose) soon.

It is 2.8 million square feet and has been approved by every single member of the Cupertino Council.

Apple boss Tim Cook tweeted his delight, saying: “Our home for innovation and creativity for decades to come. Cupertino City Council Gives Unanimous Approval for Apple’s New Campus.”

It will house more than 14,000 employees and still be net-zero energy thanks to its 700.000 square feet of revolutionary solar panels. It will also have a beautiful greenland in its centre, much like Central Park works in New York. Only this will be so much cooler one would expect.

OH and its designed by A BRITISH DESIGN company Foster and Partners.

  • Call 0191 226 7321
  • Suite 6, John Buddle Work Village, Newcastle upon Tyne  NE4 8AW
  • Durham Workspace, Abbey Road Business Park, Pity Me, Durham  DH1 5JZ
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