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Why you really need to know about responsive websites

flexible person on various broswers

Responsive websites are mobile friendly which means they rescale content to suit your browser. This is important, it makes websites usable on your tablet, smartphone and so on. It becomes even more important when you look at recent stats showing the mobile share of web traffic increased from 22.8% to 37% in 2013.

Okay, so we’ve addressed that you’ll be reaching out to more users but at what cost? Surely, this is out of reach for SMEs and business startups? Wrong, traditionally web developers would create a second version of your website which was time consuming and limited. Responsive websites are much quicker to produce and better, they are more reliable at detecting your browser size and they don’t have the same implications on your search engines rankings.

Halogen can take your existing website and develop it so that it’s responsive. According to research mobile usage could overtake desktops by July 2014. Don’t risk losing sales for the sake of a few quid, call us now on 0191 226 7321

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